Building Bridges to Wealth is a cross-generational program empowering both youth and adults with vital entrepreneurial and life skills. A collaboration between the Wharton Social Impact Initiative and Professor Keith Weigelt, the curriculum and courses aim to help participants learn to generate wealth through savings and investing. Participants develop leadership and business skills whether they strive to be entrepreneurs or simply want to create more opportunities for themselves in the workplace.

Weigelt is the Marks-Darivoff Family Professor of Strategy at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. His Building Bridges to Wealth program is unique in that participants create "communities of wealth" by joining micro-investing or savings groups. He has been invited to teach his business curriculum to elite private high schools in the United States and takes a Robin Hood approach in using income generated by that program to support his inner-city programs.

Learn more about Professor Weigelt and his programs on his Huffington Post blog.