5 DIY Projects that can save you a lot of money

Most of us would rather not pay for products and services if we can help it. With the right knowledge, we can make the things we buy at the store ourselves and cut monthly expenses.

The results can not only save you money, but also make your home safer in the process. Here are 5 DIY projects that anyone can do to save money around the house.

Furniture Hacks

This is especially useful for newlyweds who haven’t furnished their home yet. Whether you want to save money on your home décor or create your own custom pieces, there are many furniture DIY hacks.

Bed frames, for instance, simply require a few pieces of wood and a few screws. The materials can be bought at any home renovation store for well below the price of a market-priced bed frame.

Cheap tables can also be achieved by covering something flat with a tablecloth. If you can’t spring for an end table right now, you can cover up some plastic bins or sturdy boxes for table space next to the couch.


Lighting fixtures can be very expensive. Online, you can find numerous creative ways to make them yourself. In fact, you can make unique DIY light fixtures from cheap, readily available materials.

Materials ranging from cupcake liners and plastic spoons to spare machine parts can be used to make one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures and save you hundreds on designer brands.

Cleaning Products

Turning your cleaning products into a DIY project won’t save you a fortune right away. However, those little monthly expenses for soaps, fabric softeners, and all-purpose cleaners are unnecessary. We all know how they add up.

Using mostly mixtures of vinegar, hot water, and a scent (such as from an essential oil like lavender), you can make all kinds of cleaning products. Not only are they cheaper in the long run, but the cleaners you make will be all-natural and free of chemical additives such as ammonia.

If you could save money even while you’re keeping your pets and kids healthier, why wouldn’t you?

Pet Stuff

Pets aren’t picky, but pet stores know that you think they are. Instead of springing for high-end pet care merchandise and habitats, consider making them yourself.

Pieces of wood and carpet can be easily turned into a scratching post. Moreover, your cat will like them just as much as the ones sold at pet stores! An old TV cabinet could be the perfect habitat for a bird or reptile if you add a screen screwed to the front.

Why spend money on objects that you can find or salvage? A doghouse can be made from salvaged wood, while rocks and sticks for reptile homes can be found in the forest.

Laundry Line

You may not believe it at first, but there are advantages to drying your clothes on a laundry line. You’ll save money not only on a dryer but also on the power required to run it.

Even your clothes will thank you since fabrics dried on a line don’t wear out as quickly and don’t need to be replaced as often.

The Takeaway

DIY projects can save you a lot of money on products and services that you can provide yourself, as well as on hidden utility costs that come with running some of our modern appliances.

When it comes to food and cleaning products, many of the DIY options are not only cheaper but also healthier and safer. This way, you get to save money while also avoiding using potentially hazardous chemicals in your home.

Whether you haven’t saved enough to buy furniture yet or just want to reduce your monthly bills, making these objects yourself can be a budget-saver.